About Our Specifications


Aluminum railing shall be manufactured by K.N. Edwards Sales, Inc.


All Railing sections shall be manufactured from specially designed aluminum extrusion of 6063-t5 and 6061-T6


Extrusions shall be designed with integrally extruded locking grooves and locking appendages to insure a rigid construction upon final assembly.


Railings will be assembled in a neat, workman like manner and construction and will be accomplished by means of welding or fastening with stainless steel fasteners. The corner, end and line posts shall be attached to the bottom rail by means of extruded aluminum bars fitted into integrally extruded grooves and fastened to the posts by means of welding. 


All railings shall be chemically treated and powder coated as our standard coating by means of electrostatic spray methods.  Kynar 500 and anodized finish shall be furnished when specified.


The installation shall be in strict accordance with K. N. Edwards Sales, INC. details using erection sequences and materials as specified by K. N. Edwards Sales, Inc. and performed in a workman like manner.